A market-oriented vision together with a focus on quality, service and versatility

makes the Scart Group leader in the industrial packaging sector, helping clients throughout the process, from the initial design of the right packaging solution to its fnal use.

How we work

Scart Group has developed over 25.000 industrial packaging projects throughout its history. Today, our Technical Team uses the latest 2D and 3D CAD programs to design and create the best industrial packaging solution.

Our history and our expertise in designing multi-material packaging allow us to come up with solutions that are able to comply with all our customers’ requests for the protection of their products.

Custom-designed packaging

Our customized and innovative solutions allow for the shipment of any product in any quantity, ensuring top performances while paying attention to sustainability and both direct and indirect costs.


Scart Group

With 50 years of experience, over 150 direct employees, 4 manufacturing plants and 6 advanced logistics facilities, we do not restrict our work to the production of industrial packaging, but we carefully evaluate all the features of the product and develop our project around them.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to produce packaging that can protect our customers’ products and optimize both direct material costs and indirect ones.

Each project is unique and custom-made according to the specific needs of our customers. Very big, heavy-duty, fragile or highly limited-edition packaging: we always offer the best solution to deliver your products safely and in the most efficient way.

Let Scart Group take care of your project

Scart Group is a unique supplier of industrial packaging, taking care of everything from design to delivery. We design, produce and deliver safe, innovative and sustainable, tailormade solutions, making us your industrial packaging partner.