Safety and sustainability

One of Scart Group’s strengths lies in the attention we pay to safety and sustainability in the packaging industry.

We make sure that each kind, size and quantity of packaged merchandise is shipped and stocked all over the world in compliance with the highest safety standards for workers and final users, while keeping a low environmental impact. This has been and still is a great source of pride for the Scart group and for all customers.

Fewer risks, higher quality

Thanks to its thorough knowledge of industrial packaging, Scart group designs each project individually in order to reduce all risks entailed by cargo handling and packaging opening which could potentially damage the merchandise.

We not only produce packaging, but we also offer a full service, ranging from prototype design to delivery, ensuring that every step of the process is compliant to the highest safety standards regarding products and workers. As a consequence, Scart Group has become a point of reference, as well as a guarantee, for its business clients.

Innovation and sustainability:
the added values of Scart Group’s packaging

Scart Group always combines a thorough knowledge of the materials used to make packaging with problem-solving skills, so as to meet the requirements of business clients in an innovative way.

Being aware of how much environmental care and the impact of packaging matter, Scart Group has asked itself how it can improve and contribute in a concrete and much-needed way.

 The environmental sustainability policy of Scart Group packaging includes:

Using recycled and recyclable materials

with the option of using FSC certified paper.

Reducing the amount of material used for packaging

while guaranteeing at the same time the protection of the packaged product.

Promoting an efficient use of energy resources

along every step of the process.

Carrying out a targeted and precise delivery, shipping what is needed when it is needed

thereby optimizing transportation and storage space.

Let Scart Group take care of your project

Scart Group is a unique supplier of industrial packaging, taking care of everything from design to transportation. We design and produce safe, innovative and sustainable tailormade solutions and we are your reliable partner even for small quantities.