Optimized and customized logistics process


Manufacturing plants

Turate (CO) – Imola (BO) – Bibbiena (AR) – Laterina (AR)


Logistics facilities

Turate (CO) – Imola (BO) – Bibbiena (AR) – Bibbiena (AR) – Laterina (AR) –Modugno (BA)


Indoor plants sqm


sqm area

Scart Group guarantees tailormade, timely and fully scalable deliveries:

we can define together the best, fully customized, integrated logistics solution for you to manage your supplies, your warehouses and your deliveries in the most convenient way.

We provide you with a service, not a product

The core mission of our logistics service is reducing all difficulties entailed by storing packaging. At Scart Group, we offer standard logistics models, Kanban models and Just-in-Time models depending on our clients’ needs.

By doing so, our clients can receive on time what they need when they need it, thereby avoiding cumbersome and highly flammable merchandise filling up their warehouses, but without running the risk of running out of packaging.

This is made possible by the fact that we manage all logistics steps in-house, from arranging the merchandise in our warehouses to delivering it. Our priority is always our clients’ project.

Optimized and customized logistics process

Tailormade logistics solutions

All our logistics projects are designed with a view to optimize direct and indirect costs.

We have warehouses dedicated to stockpile management and deliver merchandise upon clients’ requests, guaranteeing the highest flexibility, thanks to our fully customized and highly flexible plans.

 Our logistics service includes:

Customized planning

to meet our clients’ specific needs.

KanBan & Just-in-time integrated logistics

to deliver to our clients what they need, when they need it, up to 6 deliveries per day, including night-time deliveries.

Warehouses dedicated

to your merchandise.

Stockpile management

with Kanban and Just-in-Time systems.

Everything you are looking for
in a smart logistics system


each logistics project is fully customized.


we guarantee the delivery within 72 hours from your call.

Zero risks:

our clients can reduce or eliminate the risk entailed by storing flammable products in their warehouse.

Space optimization:

our clients use their warehouses in a productive way.

Let Scart Group take care of your project

Scart Group is a unique supplier of industrial packaging, taking care of everything from design to transportation. We design and produce safe, innovative and sustainable tailormade solutions and we are your reliable partner even for small quantities.