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Our “special” and fully custom-made solutions

Scart group has been standing out in the packaging industry for more than 50 years for its design and production of industrial packaging.

Thanks to its know-how, Scart group is able to design and produce unique packaging that can meet any product requirements and clients’ needs.

Thermal-shock resistant, water-proof, nail-less, highly customized and eco-friendly packaging options are only some of the “special” projects that Scart has been offering their clients over the years.

Each project is tailor-made after having analyzed the specific needs of each customer.

The value of our special solutions

Paying attention to our customers’ needs, delivering a customized design and analyzing materials: that’s how Scart designs and produces non-conventional and one-of-a-kind packaging.

Our technical department can:

Customize packaging

with digital printing to provide our clients with the best communication tool.

Design eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging

to create pioneering sustainable packaging.

Replace plywood/wooden packaging

with mixed cardboard/wooden packaging, making them more lightweight, easier to recycle and safer for workers and users.

Take into consideration special freight conditions

to provide solutions that can protect the merchandise from adverse weather and environmental conditions.

Develop solutions

that can suit international routes and multiple shipping methods.

Discover all Scart Group’s special solutions

Digital printing

to customize packaging and turn it into an active communication tool for our clients

Eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging:

increasingly innovative and eco-friendly solutions

Crates with nail-less locking mechanisms with springs:

safer, simpler, more recyclable and more lightweight compared to the usual plywood and/or spruce wooden crates

Multi-material, thermal packaging

to mitigate the impact of temperature variations and humidity on the merchandise

“Rain boxes”

in corrugated cardboard and PET to make the packaging waterproof

Non-standard collars

even multi-material, to optimize storage and shipping of your merchandise

Let Scart Group take care of your project

A 50-year-long experience, more than 150 direct collaborators, 4 manufacturing plants and 6 advanced logistics facilities allow us to not only produce industrial packaging, but also to carefully assess all the product’s features and develop a project tailored to the product.

Our skills allow us to make packaging that can protect the products of our customers and optimize direct material costs, as well as indirect costs.

Each project is unique and custom-made according to the specific needs of our customers. Very big, very heavy-duty, fragile packaging or highly limited-edition packaging: we always offer the best solution so as to deliver your products safely and in the most efficient way.


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