Customized design and production

Your products are the core of our projects

Scart Group has been standing out in the packaging industry for more than 50 years

for its design and production of industrial packaging of any kind, shape and size.

Our customized and innovative designs allow shipping any product in any quantity, guaranteeing top performances and paying attention to sustainability and both direct and indirect costs.

We design and manufacture tailor made packaging, paying the utmost attention to our clients’ needs.

Scart Group creates customized packaging basing its work on three fundamental pillars: a highly specialized design, a thorough knowledge of used materials and the management of the entire production and logistics chains.

The value of our customized
industrial packaging solutions

At Scart group, we firmly believe that our mission is providing our clients with an all-round experience and guaranteeing their full satisfaction.

Our top priority is the product of our customers; by focusing on said product, our technical department is able to design and produce protection devices that can guarantee its full safety.

All our designs and products always take into account some fundamental values, such as:


we have always been using eco-friendly and fully recyclable materials


we have always been designing and producing packaging that is safe for our customers’ products and users


we have always been designing tailor-made packaging suited to each specific product


Scart group’s packaging has always been renowned for its high quality


we have always been working on projects based on the continuous improvement model, in order to provide our customers with the best possible packaging


we have always been trying to obtain the best possible result, simplifying our solutions


we have always been providing our clients with tailor-made solutions at the best possible price

The value chain

All Scart Group’s projects start from analyzing our customers’ products.
Being aware of and, most importantly, understanding our clients’ needs and expectations is paramount to identify and value their requirements and, as a consequence, make the best packaging for their products.

After having acquired and shared with the customer all necessary information to develop the project, the Scart group’s Technical Department suggests and produces the best packaging solution, and also certifies it upon request.

Each specific project includes the following steps:

Acquiring and understanding

all useful information about the product and the client's specific needs

Designing new packaging

combining all available materials at Scart Group: corrugated cardboard, plywood and wood derivatives, spruce wood and polyethylene. Materials will be chosen depending on their best performances

Presenting and sharing

with the client our tailor-made design proposal and the achieved targets

Creating a physical prototype

or a virtual copy, using modern 3D design software tools, allowing us to speed up the design process

Performing ISTA testing and experimental trials

in order to guarantee a high-quality and safe packaging.


inhouse in the Scart group’s facilities


all over Italy by means of customized logistics

The Scart Group’s service continues after sales, since we offer our clients a qualified assistance provided by more than 150 team members that are able to meet any of our clients’ needs.

Let Scart Group take care of your project

A 50-year-long experience, more than 150 direct collaborators, 4 manufacturing plants and 6 advanced logistics facilities allow us to not only produce industrial packaging, but also to carefully assess all the product’s features and develop a project tailored to the product.

Our skills allow us to make packaging that can protect the products of our customers and optimize direct material costs, as well as indirect costs.

Each project is unique and custom-made according to the specific needs of our customers. Very big, very heavy-duty, fragile packaging or highly limited-edition packaging: we always offer the best solution so as to deliver your products safely and in the most efficient way.


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Handled products


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